Reasons for Donations

There are a couple reasons why you may be at this page:

  1. You appreciate the features that KDE-cygwin already has and you want to show your appreciation for the effort that was put into developing those features.
  2. You want to take some of the monetary burden of ensuring that support or release packaging could be continued.
  3. You are an individual or business user interested in the development of a particular feature that you would find beneficial, but that no one has spent much time working on to date. Such features typically require weeks or months to develop and monetary support surely makes it easier to finish these features in a more timely manner. (In such case please contact us prior)
  4. You are business user contributing a fair amount of money for the potentially large benefit (and cost savings) that your company derives from KDE-cygwin development. You know that $500 means nothing to your project's or department's budget, but it means a complete overhaul of one of our KDE-cygwin development machines.
  5. Or, you just have some money to burn :)

How to donate

You can donate money by using the link on the left side of this page or the donation page provided by the sourceforge project.


A big "thank you" goes to the following people (in no particular order):

  • Hugh Lothrop
  • Michael King
  • Tim Martin
  • Trond Ruud

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