It is very impressing to see how open source development works. People, who share the same vision, are willing to spend time and resources to see things happen. Many of this incredible people are listed on this page; we like to give our sinsere thanks. We hope that their contribution may not only help this project, more that this will help them in their career as a good reference.

(Alphabetic ordering, no ranking)

  • Christopher January, who has contributed the konqueror drives module and the initial Cygwin /proc implementation, and has helped in bug fixing, packaging (kdevelop), and other things. It should also be stated, that he has implemented the cygwin /proc interface. Great work.
  • Chris Faylor - for doing a great job of managing Cygwin development.
  • Corinna Vinschen - has fixed some bugs in the Cygwin TCP/IP and UNIX domains socket code.
  • Charles Wilson - who maintains the autoconf, automake and libtool ports for Cygwin, which are used for building KDE and the profiler library.
  • All Cygwin contributors for providing such excellent software (there are too many to list.)
  • The cygwin-xfree team for building a very good X server (Suhaib Siddiqi, Harold Hunt, Alexander Gotthard and Alan Hurricane.)
  • Egor Duda, who fixed the socket problem in the Cygwin DLL.
  • Hartmut Voigt - for taking time to talk about the daily porting problems and beta testing.
  • Holger Schröder - he has taken the challenge to start the native qt port.
  • Ivan de Jesus Deras Tabora - he has worked with Richard Lärkäng on the gui part of the native qt port.
  • Microsoft - for their MSDN, which is essential for understanding the Windows API.
  • Paul Sokolovsky - who provided the ld auto-import option (originally for mingw). Without this feature, the project would never have got off the ground.
  • Phillipe Fremy - who initially built this web site. See his website.
  • Ralf Habacker - project leader - he has started the whole project, ported qt/xfree, kde libraries and applications to cygwin, made binary packages, fixed bugs and maintained the website.
  • Richard Lärkäng - he has taken over the gui development of the native qt2 port from Holger Schröder and has done a major step into a full win32 based qt3 release.
  • Robert Collins - who applied the auto-import option to the recent Cygwin binutils package and has built a special libtool package for compiling KDE2. Additional we like to say thanks for his work on the cygwin setup installer.
  • Trolltech, who build this famous qt library.
  • Waldo Bastian - who has answered my stupid questions about how KDE works very well.
  • And last, but not least - the KDE team for writing such an excellent desktop.
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