The releases of this section are outdated and will not be supported. The relating packages may work, but we encourage you to install a recent KDE release.

KDE 1.1.2 is the first to cygwin/xfree ported kde release. It is based on the basic kde libs provided with kdesupport and kdelibs and many applications from the kdebase, kdeutils and kdegames packages.


  • The main intention for this port is founded in the fact that porting kde1 was quite easier as porting kde 2.2.1
  • The main problem on porting kde 1.1.2 were missing support of the basic tools like ld and libtool and some bugs in the cygwin library.
See the top menue for further informations about KDE 1.

See the application status for application bug details.
Please report other bugs using sourceforge bugtracking system.



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