The releases of this section are outdated and will not be supported. The relating packages may work, but we encourage you to install a recent KDE release.

Starting with KDE 2.2.2 beta 1 cygwin installer support is introduced, which simplifies KDE installation very much. (For those who don't like the cygwin installer, see the manual installation instructions).

Before you are going to start installing KDE on cygwin make sure you have meet the Requirements.

How to install

Start the Cygwin Net Installer, choose - Install from Internet or Download from Internet - and enter one of the following URL:


in the installer Add URL field and click "Add" to add this url to the list of available urls. 

Please ensure you have selected only the above mentioned one and go through the following pages. 

In the chooser page open the KDE 2 category and select the package(s) you wish to download. This will automaticallly select the additional required packages. 


After you have downloaded the required packages, install the packages (if you haven't installed directly) through an additional start of the cywin net installer now choosing Install from Local Dir.

At last see the post installation steps what is left to do before you can start KDE 2.2.2 on cygwin.   


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