The releases of this section are outdated and will not be supported. The relating packages may work, but we encourage you to install a recent KDE release.

KDE 2.2.2 beta1


  • native directory browsing for file access dialogs speeds up file and directory open dialogs. This allows konqueror to be partially a good alternative for the windows explorer
  • Konqueror drives module, developed by Chris January, supports explorer like access to floppy- , hard-  and network drives (see screenshot
  • The use of windows rebasing and rebinding tools improves initial application loading time about 20 - 40 %.
  • kde 2.2.2 memory usage is about 50% of the pre alpha releases. After starting the kde desktop the taskmanager shows 110 MB used memory.   
  • Using a patched, size optimized linker and consequent stripping of dll's and applications saves about 20 % package size against  the alpha releases. This improves downloading time and memory usage. 
  • improved application and dll loading time by internal optimations 
  • cygwin installer support for easier installation 
  • contains kdelibs and kdebase package (the alpha 2 release kdegames, kdevelop and kdepim packages are usable)
  • uses newly introduced cygwin package libxml and libxslt 


  • kdelibs
    patch1 - fixes openssl library loading problem
  • kdebase
  • kdenetwork - currently kmail only


KDE 2.2.1 Alpha-2

The major task on this release was providing some kde applications and there related basic libraries like xml2,  audiofile (for arts), avl (for kdegames, normaly located in glibc). 

Additional some bugs are fixed. See the release README's for detailed information or download the KDE-2.2.1-a2 release.

This release contains the kdelibs, kdebase and kdegames. 


   some apps crashing 

   arts does not run 

   konqueror hangs 


KDE 2.2.1 Alpha-1

The major task on this release was providing the basic kde libs and tools like binutils (mostly ready), libtool (not ready) and basic libraries like xml2

This release contains the kdelibs packages.  


   some apps crashing 

   dynamic library loading is very slow 

   arts does not run 


For the alpha release we have choosen two ways for releasing packages, basic releases and update releases. 

Basic releases like alpha2 are full packages containing all nessessary files. Update releases are based on a basic release and contains only files which have changed relating to the basic release. Update releases are differential releases, that means, each update contains patches for a specific bug or enhancement. See the relating readme for detailed information.   


kdelibs-2.2.1-a2           basic release alpha2
kdelibs-2.2.1-a2-u2     update 2 of release alpha2



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