QT 2 Win32

Note: The development of the QT2/Win32 port has been stopped. All qt development is now focused on Qt 3/Win Free.

In Dezember 2002 a native win32 port of the famous qt library has been started. Read what Holger Schröder , a german student of mathematics and computer science, who has initiated this port, says about the goal of his efforts:

"This is not to fool the Trolltech people, they are really doing a great job. I think, that as well as many kde programmers use qt for commercial projects at their companies and generate income for trolltech this way, qt on windows will convince more people to use qt. Imagine you could use konqueror, kmail, koffice and kdevelop instead of internet explorer, outlook, ms office and visual studio at no cost and even develop gpl`ed programs with that for free.
As kdevelop recently was mentioned as the best ide for linux beating kylix besides others according to a dot.kde.org article, i guess we could convince quite some people not to use .net and switch to qt for their next projects. but let's see how far we will come."

What happens after that:

After Holger has finished his analysing work, he started implementing important classes. As a result the t14 example (a little game) was runing native on win32 environments. It had many open issues, but the initial work has been done.

In the beginning of 2003 Holger has got a job with access to a commercial qt license, which does not allow him to work on this port anymore. At that time Richard Lärkäng has taken over the development of the qt2 port. After diving very deep in the qt classes and working on some import classes like QApplication, QCursor, QPixmap, QWidget and other, he switched over to the qt 3.1.0 release and has founded the base the following developers are now using.

We are very happy to have such great contributions to this project. Many thanks.


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