QT 2

The releases of this section are outdated and will not be supported. The relating packages may work, but we encourage you to install a recent KDE release.

2.3.1 beta2
- fixed missing include files bug reported by Dr. Volker Zell 

2.3.1 beta1
- update to qt 2.3.1, contains all 2.3.0 patches 

2.3.0 beta4 (not released, only in cvs) 
- native win32 qdir and qfile support 

2.3.0 beta3-u1
- missing qapplication.h patch 

2.3.0 beta3
- bug fixes 

2.3.0 beta2
- initial native dns support 

2.3.0 beta1
- support official ld's auto-import feature 

2.3.0 alpha1
- first compile for cygwin 

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