QT 2

The releases of this section are outdated and will not be supported. The relating packages may work, but we encourage you to install a recent KDE release.

Note: This page is under construction. The information on this page may not be complete

After installing qt, you can start using qt with the following commands.

  1. install qt like described in the installation section.
  2. start a bash shell from the desktop or start menu.
  3. start xserver 
    X -screen 0 1024x768x16 -engine 4 -ac & 
  4. start a windowmanager

    if using standard xfree
    twm &
    if using KDE 1.1.2
    kwm &
    if using KDE 2.2
    kwin &
  5. configure qt (optional)
    qtconfig &
  6. start qt applications

    designer &
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